Entitlement or Ignorance

What would happen if we took away all labels and just looked at individuals and considered them for who they are… there would be no partisan. Can we not consider an individual for whom they are. Is that not the way we were taught… don’t judge a book by its cover… don’t judge a person by their label. It’s time to tear off the covers,the facade,the thoughtless notions and move forward.

Accents, language, color, clothing…we are all human. Equity, equality, tough conversations to learn and respect. Talk, share, and consider kindness, borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor who you haven’t met…be real. This is America.

“Here at home there is an unease and a fear that drives the public debates and our public policies in ways that divide us one from one another. Elections are run by those who seek so-called wedge issues that prey on misinformation and demonization of the opposition. We hear that illegal aliens are taking our jobs, that women get the work that should be going to men, and some minority groups are described as lazy, violent, and ignorant. […] I believe we must seize every opportunity to eliminate those who use the public discourse to spread that kind of misinformation and sow the seeds of disunity among us.”

Sargent Shriver | Lexington, VA | September 17, 2002


Why are the people attempting to cross the border not considered refugees verses migrants/immigrants. Why is this not a “worsening humanitarian crisis” as in so many other parts of the world. There must be some UN law for refugee status. They, for the most part, are running as their countries are overrun by gangs/terror/bad government (speaking of).

Would it not be more beneficial if the issues causing them to run were considered by their neighboring countries with a given effort to help. I LOVE diversity and am proud of having grown up in “melting pot” as we were taught. Sadly, that no longer seems to be one of our (many) greatest attributes we strive to live up to.